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Walgreens Drives Productivity The Sunday paper contained an insert produced by Walgreens. It listed ways to boost brain power. Five of the suggestions focused on the food we eat. Avocados contain medium-chain fatty acids, which increase our brainpower by reducing inflammation. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which boost memory by spurring structural brain changes. Wine & Peanuts both contain the cognition-boosting antioxidant resveratrol. Coffee facilitates memory for up to twenty-four hours, and it only takes one cup to achieve this result. Dark Chocolate is a good source of mood-enhancing polypenols. Easy to Do for a Lasting Result What’s great about this list is that all those foods are readily available and easy to include in our diet. Worth a shot, dontcha think?

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What I Learned About Email While on Vacation standard

The Epic Montana Adventure Our 2015 summer vacation took four of us through the wilds of western Montana. We camped in the southern reaches of the Bitterroot Valley before traversing deep into the Ruby River outback. We enjoyed Yellowstone National Park next. Our return path took us through Bozeman before heading north back to Whitefish. Internet connectivity was sporadic throughout the trip, with the longest disconnection occurring for 72 hours. Valuable lessons were learned about our connected lives. Observations on Modern Connected Lifestyles

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Two Flavors of Email – Open & Closed standard

Email use continues its upward climb. The Radicati Group recently reported that email is growing at five percent per year and will to do so through 2019. Though growth is slowing, the existing volume makes any increase problematic. Sorting through email takes a lot of time each day, and keeping track of what needs our attention is overwhelming. What if there was a quick and easy way to decide what to do with every email?

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Optimism: It’s Why We’re Late standard

The Dark Side of Optimism Whoda thunk that something so positive could have a dark side? That’s right. Optimism, the feel-good feeling, the basis for the entire self-help industry, the underlying principle of the smiley face can be harmful. Now, I’m not having “a case of the Mondays,” cuz it’s Thursday. I ask only that you consider the evidence. Would Optimism Please Take the Stand We’ll dispense with the pleasantries, Optimism. Is it not true that you Conspire to make people think their next meeting is “just two floors down?” Encourage people to do one more thing before heading out? Convince people that traffic is never bad this time of day? Guilty on all counts!

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Gamify Your Day By Taking Smart Breaks standard

Be Smart, Take Breaks The mind is not a marathon runner; it’s a sprinter. Decision fatigue sets in and performance suffers. Filling the mental energy tank back up is easy, just take a break. Think of it this way: The mind is a product of the brain. The brain is an organ. Organs need rest and nutrition to perform at peak levels. As obvious as this seems, we persist in believing that working longer and harder produces the best result. The reality is that success – of any kind – comes from working better and faster. The first step to better/faster is to keep the main engine functioning properly. Take regular breaks throughout the day. Even a short break of five minutes ...

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A Baker’s Dozen on Traveling Productively standard

Easy Ways to Make Business Travel Better Traveling for business is often a consequence of career success. Making the experience comfortable and productive can be challenging. Ten years of traveling has taught this road warrior a few tricks for achieving that result. Best Gear Here are some arrows for the business travel quiver. Duplicate Toiletries Kit. Investing and maintaining a travel-only toiletries kit ensures that everything needed is present. The investment is minimal and the return is high during the packing and the traveling stages. Noise Canceling Headphones. Jet roar leaves ears ringing and who knows the long term consequences. Get a set of noise canceling headphone or ear buds. Consider the Audio Technica QuietPoint. They’re super compact, 90% as ...

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Simple Stand-Up Desk Solution standard

Join the revolution – be healthier and more productive. My Personal Experience Everyone’s heard about stand-up desks. “Get Off Your Rear!” is the true believer’s battle cry. The pitch is that sitting all day is unhealthy and unproductive, so Stand Up. Much to my skeptical self’s surprise, I have joined their ranks. I purchased my first stand-up apparatus a year ago and haven’t looked back. To the contrary, I have pursued refinement of my standing workspace accoutrement with a vigor normally reserved for mobile technology! What’s the Difference? I have no explanation for why it’s so much better to stand than sit. My guess is that standing forces me to remain vigilant at a cellular level lest I fall down. ...

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Five Ways to Make Silence Work for You standard

The Silent Symphony The modern world is a symphony of noise. The squawks and pings of mobile devices are only the latest editions to the cacophony of rings, bells, announcements, conversations and other noise-producing machinations of daily professional life. Interestingly, getting things done – being productive – is largely a result of silence. In fact, the quieter we can make our internal and external worlds, the more productive we become.

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Mini-Monk Mode Sharpens Focus And Increases Productivity standard

Short Bursts of Quiet In his book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” Greg McKeown refers to getting focused as being in the “Monk Mode.” The benefit to the Monk Mode is greater and higher quality work product. Given our time-starved world, it might be more effective to find Mini-Monk Modes throughout our day. Here are some ways to do that: Silent Times. Seek out short periods during the day—like 20 minutes—during which you grant yourself permission to work uninterrupted. This may be first thing in the morning or after the proverbial dust settles at the end of the day. The point is to actively determine when these periods occur. The act of choosing delivers great rewards; repeating that act ...

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