Five Killer Note Taking Abbreviations

Checkbox with pen isolated on whiteAction-Oriented Note Taking

Taking notes is a good way to capture and digest the content of a meeting. It also increases focus on the subject matter at hand, as the notes preserve the salient points.

Here is a list of abbreviations for use when taking notes to make them even more productive:

  1. A is an Action item.
  2. C is a Call that needs to be made.
  3. R is a Reference item for further use.
  4. F is a Follow-up that needs to occur.
  5. S is something that needs to be Scheduled.

After the meeting, work through the notes to prioritize or delegate the associated action items.

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Get More Done Through Better Capture – Part 1

Odd-LotMore Technology but Less Productivity

The irony of the modern world is that we have more tools and information at our disposal than ever before, but we’re getting less and less done. Sure, there’s a lot more activity, but it’s productivity that matters – advancing the cause, moving the ball down the proverbial field.

There are many reasons for this and possibly as many suggestions for solving the problem. We’re going to focus on making one small slice of time – odd-lot time – more productive.

Making Odd-Lot Time Productive

Examples of odd-lot time include

  • those minutes between when the meeting was scheduled to start and when it actually starts,
  • the small (or large) slice of time commuting, and
  • that brief period on the plane when everyone else is still finding their seats.

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The World in Five Sentences

You’ve no doubt hear of the six-word memoirs? If not, take a minute to check it out at Six-Word Memoirs. There are some amazing contributions.

In a similar vein, Mike Davidson founded Five Sentence Email several years ago. The idea is simple: write shorter emails to reduce the increasing burden everyone is experiencing with email overload.

Here are five reasons to consider adopting the five sentences approach:

  1. Takes less time to write.
  2. Takes less time to read.
  3. Results in clearer messages.
  4. Creates more time for doing the associated work.
  5. Lowers stress for all involved.

See How Crafty You Are

Writing cogent, concise emails is highly effective. Give it try the next time a message needs to be sent.

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Get More Done Through Better Communication – Part 1

UsedCarBuying a Car Sucks

Buying a car ranks high on the list things we dislike doing. There are dozens of makes and models, option lists are daunting, and haggling with the dealership is a nightmare. In spite of this, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy pursing the best decision about the choices before us.

However, we spend very little time choosing what vehicle we’ll use to communicate. Today’s defacto vehicle is email, regardless of how effective it is. Consider the following alternatives the next time you need to communicate with someone: Read More…

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