September 24, 2020

Sequestered: Making Working at Home Work

Length: 60 minutes

You’re home. The kids are home. Everything’s closed and we aren’t sure when things will return to the old normal, if ever.

We need to find ways to Make This Work! That is, work for your people, their family, clients, and the firm. This 60-minute webinar delivers relevant and immediately actionable suggestions to accomplish that goal.

What do I know about this topic? First, I’ve been helping lawyers and legal professionals be more productive and in command of their work for over 15 years. Second, I’ve been working in exactly this way during all that time – from home and on the move in highly dynamic and non-traditional environments.

We’ll use what I call “thoughtful evolution” to Make This Work! How can we reimagine our Work and our Home in a productive and meaningful way? The answer is to break the discussion down into three separate topics:

  • Flexible Living. Home is now a fully integrated work/life environment.
  • Variable Focus. Interval training techniques work for productivity, as well.
  • Dynamic Interaction. The “family” now includes the kids, significant others, colleagues and clients.

Those who attend this 60-minute program learn how to:

  • Create a physical workspace that marries personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Segment tasks and focused effort into new, variable periods.
  • Navigate the new stream of interaction among all interested parties, including family, colleagues and clients.

This webinar helps your lawyers and legal professionals stay productive and maintain their sense of well-being.

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